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NuckleDu pledges DreamHack Montreal SFV winnings to Hurricane Irma relief

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Celebrities of all walks of life have offered their aid wherever possible to the relief of one of North America’s most powerful Hurricane seasons. Last week GamesDoneQuick ran their impromptu charity stream for Hurricane Harvey right before an even bigger category Hurricane, Irma, slammed the Gulf of Mexico and South Florida. Street Fighter legend Du “NuckleDu” Dang pledged his winnings from Sunday’s DreamHack Montreal victory to the relief of Hurricane Irma which has nearly ended its destruction of the Southeast coast of America.

Shortly after his victory, NuckleDu announced on Twitter that his winnings will be going to Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

NuckleDu, who was originally from Florida, pledged his winnings after Hurricane Irma struck Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane which had already wreaked havoc in the Carribean. Originally downgraded from a Category 5 (the worst Hurricane category) Irma’s destruction spread  for much of last week before making landfall in Florida on Sunday morning. It’s unclear where his winnings, which totalled $5,000, will go at this very moment. The Hurricane devastated the entire south of Florida which was preceded by a massive evacuation of nearly 6 million people in the days leading up to it. NuckleDu is from Tampa, Florida, a city which was also hard hit by the Hurricane, but not as severely as other cities.

NuckleDu is one of many gamers and streamers who has been raising money over the past few weeks for various charitable organizations tied to Hurricane relief. Hurricane season is not over yet, and many cities still remain without electricity and are flooded after the storm passed through. Conditions are still rough in most areas, and all aid being offered from people like NuckleDu are a welcomed sight as the rebuilding process is already underway.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2017

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