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Of course Mass Effect 3 needs an online pass!

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Yesterday we gave you details on how Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer would work; an optional co-operative campaign as part of a Galaxy at War that would, if you choose, aid in fleshing out your single player experience. An EA game with multiplayer? Why yes, of course that would mean it would require an online pass.

"The theme of galactic war in Mass Effect 3 presents us with the perfect opportunity to introduce multiplayer into the Mass Effect series," Bioware’s Casey Hudson told Eurogamer. "Multiplayer not only features amazing combat and deep customisation options, but it will give players another way to help the war effort against the Reapers in the main event – the single player campaign."

Included in each brand new retail copy of Mass Effect 3, a voucher to grant access to Galaxy at War, which will be presented not only through the game’s multiplayer, but also "through a suite of Mass Effect games and applications" – so expect Facebook games and iOS apps that’ll link to your single player game. While new buyers get access for free, Second hand buyers will have to purchase the online pass for EA’s standard $10.

This isn’t the first time Mass Effect has included a fresh-copy purchase incentive. Mass Effect 2 shipped with a code granting access to the Cerberus Network – which “gifted” players with armour, weapons and a DLC mission or two. In related news, DICE has unsurprisingly confirmed an online pass will be necessary for online multiplayer in Battlefield 3 as well. Their reasoning, other than posturing by EA executives? “Because servers cost money, and used games don’t make developers any money.”

Last Updated: October 13, 2011

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