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Of course massive babies are already review bombing The Last of Us Part II

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Seven years, plenty of hype and some slick trailers later, and today is a brilliant day for anyone who happens to carry a torch for The Last of Us Part II. A heck of a long time in the making, Naughty Dog’s latest effort is nothing short of a masterpiece in story-telling. At least that’s the consensus according to many a game reviewer, who had ample time with the game and spent weeks immersing themselves within a world gone mad.

In the days and weeks to come, there’s going to be a lot of love shown towards The Last of Us Part II, as the game’s core fanbase comes together to celebrate one of the final milestones of this generation in console gaming. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll be left feeling divided on whether you should enjoy the game or you find yourself disgusted by the sheer brutality present within the game.

And then there’s that minority of people, who just want to shit on everyone’s parade.

Over on Metacritic (Thanks Konfab!), a small mob of people who have nothing better to do with their time are busy review-bombing the game in a vain attempt to “own the SJWs”, offering poorly written takedowns of a game they most likely haven’t even played. Here’s a quick round-up of their opinions:

LeandroLucky – 2/10

Technical part is amazing! Shadows, light awesome.
But scenario, so so so bad..


Holy god the story was so god awful. But the graphics and gameplay aight. Solid use of destroying all character development from the previous game.

Facelessman93 – 0/10

Story written by a dumbass. Poor writing too. Flat new characters. Repetitive game, boring.

Zdlxjy – 4/10

Disgusting attitude towards the fans of the previous game. Naughty dog ​​wasted the best chance to continue the TLOU IP.

H_E – 3/10

The game play is alright at best, not upset by it. Its just the story that really peeves me. How can you go from Last of Us 1 to this in terms of story?

Demondlzde – 0/10

there is alot of woke trash in the game, alot of gender and identity politics. the game isnt about telling a story of Ellie, its about pushing an agenda to you. 0/10 wouldnt touch it with a stick.

Cactuar – 0/10

I don’t like gorilla
this game betray me
Naughty Dog just buy the media

And on and on it goes, a neverending bowel excavation of people upset by a video game because it doesn’t cater to them. Honestly, this is just sad. To live your life so consumed with hate, over something like a video game. I like to think that gamers are better than this, and I’m often proven right (like the one local gaming forum doing an AMAZING job this week in cleaning house within the Call of Duty fandom).

No matter what the fandom is though, there’s always going to be that small section who exist to tarnish the rest of the group. Maybe they genuinely help if video games make them this upset, maybe they’re just in it for “teh lolz” so that they can score cheap internet point and farm outrage clicks or maybe they’re just saddos. Why am I even giving these people attention?

That’s a good question, and it’s because I believe that having this onslaught of negativity does genuine harm to people who have a legitimate criticism to throw at The Last of Us Part II. There’s a game that is well worth being discussed, once you’ve experienced it fully – and I have no doubt there will be some legitimate criticisms to be discussed long after launch.

Having a bunch of massive babies like this running rampant though? That doesn’t do anyone a favour short of derailing a fantastic conversation over how video games truly are art.

Last Updated: June 19, 2020

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