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The ‘O’h show takes an interesting turn

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Carbon eSports are one the latest multi-gaming organizations which have sprung up in South Africa. Started by Dan “Spoof” Van Wyk in 2015, alongside Call of Duty clan owner Len Smith, Carbon soon rose through the ranks, taking South Africa by storm. Since their humble start Carbon have picked up a number of Call of Duty Console titles, their CS:GO team won the Gamer’s Fest LAN last month, their Dota 2 squad has risen to second in the country, and their latest edition of Call of Duty PC maintain a top seed in the Digital Gaming League.

The decision to bring Dan on was easy. He had successfully led an MGO to the highest ranks in South Africa. He played a crucial role in Carbon’s CS:GO victory at Gamer’s Fest as their coach, and achieves all this while working a full time job. Our initial direction for this weeks episode was to chat to Dan about Carbon and what it takes be the owner of an MGO and the coach of a successful CS:GO squad.

The podcast took an interesting turn when Dan turned out to be a PC peripheral guru breaking down every piece of gear needed in any gamer’s arsenal to be the best they can be. Myself and co-host Gareth Woods were taken aback as Dan continued to wow us with his in-depth knowledge of gaming gear.

From the perfect click latency for mice, keyboards causing something called “swamp cursor,” screens having input latency, and headphones creating misleading virtual sound, Dan broke it all down piece by piece. Dan also touched on the recent cheating scandal involving a pro player, in case you missed that.

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Last Updated: May 5, 2016

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