OMG! Best News EVAR! Taylor Swift in Band Hero!

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Band Hero, Activision’s attempt at making music rhythm games more mainstream eschews the specifically guitar-centric music, focusing more on the pervasive Top-40 tripe that plagues the radio. The latest news to come out of the Band Hero camp is that not only will Taylor Swift be contributing  her music to the game – Such ditties as “Love Story,”  “You Belong With Me” and “Picture to Burn” – she’ll also be lending her digital likeness.

Who the hell is Taylor Swift? I honestly haven’t the slightest idea, but according to Activision the lass sold more albums than any other recording artist in 2008 and her album Fearless hit double-platinum status four weeks after its debut. Over the course of her expansive music career, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter has sold over 7.75 million albums.

So she’s rich, cute, probably quite talented and 19? Welcome to my spank-tank, Taylor Swift.

Source : Band Hero

Last Updated: August 5, 2009

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  • I think she is like, a super popular country singer in the states.

  • Roland Browning

    Who else is in your ‘spank tank’? LOLOLOL

  • Spank tank? Dude, ewwww…

  • easy

    is the spank tank related to the w4nk bank? :unsure:

  • They are one and the same..I just didn’t want to be vulgar. lol. :biggrin:

  • Her “Love Story” single got major airtime here and yes she is huge as a country star in USA.
    Check out Pixie Lott though, she is hotter!

  • I am eager for Taylor Swift’s upcoming CD. Seems ages since her last one.

  • Seems like Taylor Swift’s Foxboro concert was fantastic. Wish I could have been at it.

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