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Online detectives unveil a bunch of new XBLA titles

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A member over at Neogaf called milkybar1983 has managed to track down the cover art for every single XBLA title that currently exists on the Xbox website and while doing so has also uncovered 36 titles that haven’t yet been announced.

Including some surprising titles like Naughty Bear: Trouble in Paradise which looks like it is going to be inspired by Dead Island.


There is also a peculiar title only known as Pid and who’s box art gives nothing away


But one title that does appear to be quite revealing is Girl Fight which is aiming itself directly at the hormonal male market


The rest of the list is just as interesting, which ones really stand out for you?


Vessel looks like it could be another Limbo styled experience which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all but I had to admit that the Wrestling title – already available on iOS –  is looking pretty weak from a box art point of view.

Last Updated: October 3, 2012

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