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Openweb Founder Lashes Out At Seacom, Says Telkom Should “Wake Up”

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While this news is not strictly gaming related (and more like something you would see on MyBroadband), this whole Seacom debacle has stolen hours and hours of online gaming from our lives, so I get to write about it, ok? Awesome.

If you thought that having no internet was giving you a tough time, you must have no idea about how upset OpenWeb’s founder, Keoma Wright is right now. While I am not currently a customer of OpenWeb, I still receive their newsletters and the latest one that popped into my inbox struck me as rather odd when I saw things like *rant over* and “Telkom should also wake up” in the body of the text.

Is this a very unprofessional e-mail from the company’s founder, or does it just seem like everyone has had just about enough of the shoddy services that are being punted off in South Africa?

Hit the jump to hear what Mr. Wright’s angry newsletter had to say.

The mail begins with the founder saying that they have had a ton of calls coming in from angry customers and that everyone is pretty frustrated and that Seacom is to blame, here’s how it went:

“Today we have received alot of emails from many angry folks regarding the Seacom international outage. We understand. Everyone is frustrated.

Seacom should be held accountable for this. I am of the view that a carrier that do not [sic] have appropriate redundancy on their network should not be allowed to sell a so called ‘first class service’.

*Rant Over*. “

Eish… I guess that deserves a “burn”.

It gets better though, because just when you thought the rant was over, a second one begins nailing Telkom to the wall about some of their poor choices and he also pops a small vein in his head over the effect that the new uncapped internet packages have had on the local internet services:

“Internet in South Africa is worse off today with these cheap uncapped packages than they ever were before! At least in the past we had decent internet that hardly went down.

Telkom should also wake up and drop the price of their IPConnect, as they more than any other company are to blame for this. If their IPConnect did not cost so much, First Tier ISP’s would have more money to invest in redundancy measures.

*Second Rant Over*

Once again, I sincerely apologize about this. I am holding thumbs that tomorrow will be a better day. “

I’m just going to hazard a guess here and say that all of the issues with Seacom have given Mr. Wright a couple of grey hairs over the last couple of days. It’s understandable, considering the amount of crap these okes have to go though. Anyone who follows Afrihost CEO @gianvisser on Twitter already knows how much time these guys are spending doing damage control these days but you still have to wonder if a company newsletter is the right place to do your angry rants.

What do you think about OpenWeb’s open outburst? Justified? Not such a great idea?

Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated: July 8, 2010

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