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As much as I love Diablo III, I’ve never gone out of my way to max out a character with regards to an amazing skill build and complementary items. I hit level 70 yes, as well as klap several dozen paragon levels, but that’s where I stop. I’ve never purposefully farmed specific items – my only requirement for equipping a piece of gear really is that it ups my damage, toughness, or healing by a decent, even fractional margin. Even my skill choices boil down to what I feel is the most fun to play with, not necessarily what works best. If you’re the opposite of me, ie, you scrutinise every tiny detail of your items and skills, this tool may just help you squeeze every last bit of potential from your character.

It’s called the D3Planner (via the Diablo III blog). It will allow you to tailor every part of your build; what legendaries you equip, what stats you want them to have, and much more. While character calculators are hardly something to make a fuss about, the D3Planner has some features over and above what you would normally find in such tools which makes it stand out.

As Blizzard have pointed out in their post, it is possible to drop-drag your desired items onto your character sheet, as well as play around with different group buffs to see exactly how they affect your character. It’s incredibly simple, enough so that even a completely casual Diablo III player such as myself can put together something in no time at all.

Here’s an example of a Crusader I threw together in less than two minutes:

Crusader Build

It works like a charm, enough so that I’m already throwing together another Crusader build to see how it compares. Click the link above and try it for yourself – for all you know there may be some tiny detail you’ve overlooked in your build that could be improved.


Last Updated: April 20, 2015

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