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Orb 2-in-1 Universal mount for Kinect and PlayStation move review – Stand by me

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve got all sorts of controllers, cameras and needless accessories situated on, or around your TV. Thanks to the proliferation of motion-controlled gaming, it’s worse than ever. I’ve got a Wii sensor bar, a PlayStation Eye and a Kinect unit all vying for space where there isn;t any – so where do you put ‘em all?

Orb’s universal 2-in-1 stand for the Kinect and PlayStation Move tries to solve that problem.


Kinect, unlike the Wii’s sensor bar and the PlayStation Eye is big, demanding a lot more space than accessories rightfully should. Thanks to its use of infra-red beams, it also doesn’t really work very well in small spaces if it’s low to the ground – so it needs to be elevated to pick up players human frames better. I use a beautifully constructed, if inelegant stand, engineered out of cardboard (made for me by the most awesome of ninjas – TheBeastZA) to keep both the PlayStation move and the monstrous Kinect unit in a spot above my TV. In a case of function over form,  it works wonderfully – but looks a little tacky.

Or at least I did, until I got a decent stand for it – a delightfully universal 2-in-1 stand from Orb that looks..well, a little nice. There’s not really very much that can be said about the unit, to be honest. It comes in a long box filled with its requisite parts, and is quick and easy to put together. It’s wholly adjustable with steel supports, and made to screw in to the back of HD TVs’ wall mounting block and is steady, sturdy and elegant – if you consider shiny piano black elegant, that is.  If your TV doesn’t have a wall mounting block or is already affixed to a wall, the unit also includes the necessary screws to mount it straight in to the wall. According to the packaging, it’s possible to set it up in a third way, using a Tripod stand – but that stand isn’t included.


It has another caveat in that the picture on the box is a little misleading. The packaging leads you to believe that you can seat both the Kinect and the PlayStation move – but this is a lie; you can only have one or the other at any given time. The Kinect unit itself clips straight in to the stand (neat!) while the PlayStation eye slots in to a little plastic holder that can be clipped in to the stand instead, which is easy enough to do.


It’s available – if you do a bit of shopping around – for less than R300, making it an affordable solution if you want those blasted peripherals out of the way.

It also only supports TVs from 26″ to 60″ – but if you’re TV is larger than 60”, we presume you could just employ a large breasted Swedish hooker to hold up your cameras for you.

Last Updated: January 30, 2012

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