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Outriders reveals the Technomancer class, an absolute unit of heavy firepower

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If there’s one thing I’m liking about Outriders, it’s that every class in the game happens to be a nigh-unstoppable god of destruction that specialises in unique methods of ripping reality apart. The Pyromancer is literal firepower incarnate, a walking volcano that can burn enemies to a crisp and scatter their ashes to the wind. The Trickster warps time and space, closing the distance and then blinking out of range while an enemy wonders how their head was recently severed when the flow of time is restored. The Devastator just devastates.

And then there’s the Technomancer. Not that one. The recently revealed and final class of Outriders is a brute force weapons master, specialising in unleashing lead at everything with a pulse. Developer People Can Fly showcased the class, which in its base form is a bit of a glass cannon: Massive offense, low defense and flexible builds that can transform the fella into a force to be reckoned with.

Technomancers benefit from being able to heal themselves at any range by inflicting damage on an enemy, and they can summon all manner of deadly weapons to their side. The turret is the bread and butter of their skillset, a mobile weapon which can be customised to dead different damage effects. You can throw ice and poison element bullets into enemies, which distracts enemies while you line up head-shots.

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You can even call up a “pain luancher”, which drops all manner of artillery on a location, or get down and dirty with a chaingun or a rocket launcher. Finally, Technomancers can also make good use of sniper rifles, as their passive skills amplify the damage of those weapons. I think I just found the perfect class to play as.

Outriders will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X during the silly season, and supports up to three-player co-op across a planet that really really wants you dead.

Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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