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Overwatch League tricked into sharing pictures of Fred and Rose West, notorious serial killers

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To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Overwatch League was asking fans to send in appreciation posts for their mothers, but a troll managed to slip an unsavoury picture through the cracks


Image: Robert Paul

During yesterday’s Overwatch League Stage 2 finals, fans watching the broadcast live were asked to send in images of their mothers and kind words of appreciation for all they’ve done for society to celebrate Mother’s Day. A heart-warming sentiment for any mothers tuning into the highly anticipated final, but on the Internet there’s no such thing as an unspoiled good intention. The OWL realised this when fans watching the show discovered something a little unsettling during the highlighted feed of Mother’s Day Tweets, specifically this image:


Now, that looks like a fairly normal, event sweet post, but if you’re anything like the eagle-eyed viewers who called it out, you’d recognise that the two people in that photo are none other than Fred and Rose West, two of the most notorious serial killers in British history. The couple is believed to have committed at least 12 murders over young adults aged 8-25 years old, including their own children. Many of their victims were found buried under their patio and in the family garden.


The Overwatch League was clearly unaware of the identity of the couple and openly broadcasted the post to over 200,000 viewers. Many fans of the OWL took to Reddit to ask for clarity on the identity of the couple in the image, and were unsurprised to find their suspicions to be true. The Overwatch League has yet to issue a statement on the incident, although it does appear to be a very unfortunate mistake on behalf of their League social media team.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2019

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  1. Admiral Chief Flammenwerfer

    May 13, 2019 at 13:07

    There is always some [redacted] that thinks making a joke like this is funny


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