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Overwatch’s gunslinging cowboy is feeling lucky, punk

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For a game that was dormant for months, Overwatch seems to be gearing up for something if the past two weeks are anything to go by. Last week we got a good look at the busy, robotic monk Zenyatta in action – and for a support he looked incredibly fun to play. This week things are a little more on the offensive side, and Overwatch’s very own cowboy doesn’t play as you’d expect.

Jesse McCree (because of course his name is Jesse) sports a traditional six-shooter, called Peacemaker, that is absolutely deadly from afar. Despite having a primary handgun he seems like the type of character that excels at ranged combat – with each powerful, kicking shot delivering an immense amount of damage. But should you find yourself corner in a close quarters area, a few free, wild shots seem to do the trick just as well.

Jesse also has a lot in terms of versatile movement. Every Overwatch character moves incredibly fast, but Jesse is able to dash out of danger in a heartbeat. That makes him, surprisingly, effective in narrow corridors – where a quick flurry of bullets followed by a dodge out the door delivers all the damage and none of the pain.

But even I have to admit that his special Deadeye ability looks far too powerful. Slowing down time and automatically locking on enemies (from a good distance too) seems like it could be abused to the wild west and back. Pulling off triple kills with one move is fun – if you’re not on the receiving end.

He also sort of looks like Erron Black from Mortal Kombat – but then again, so does every other wild westerner in existence.

But it’s another healthy chance of gameplay that has me really excited for Overwatch – which I really didn’t expect at all. The game is following familiar structures, but the world, character design and game flow seems incredible. I actually can’t wait to give it a go sometime soon.

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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