Pac-Man world championship

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Xbox Live! Tournaments are about to kick off a world wide Pac-Man tournament with the top players being flown into New York for the final.

I have sent off a mail to them to verify that South Africans can enter but so far it looks like we can.

So do you think you are one of the top 9 players on the planet in Pac-Man… If so then make sure you go and sign up at on the 25th of April. On this day the worldwide leaderboard will be reset and the competition will run until the 9th May.

The final is being held on the 5th June. There is no indication what the prize on offer will be (apart from a fully paid trip to New York that is) but it’s well worth the attempt at least isn’t it…

Original article by Xbox360Fanboy

Last Updated: April 18, 2007

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