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Pachter believes the Wii-U will fail

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I think the reason Michael Pachter is never too far from the headlines is simply because he isn’t afraid to let the world know what he thinks and that he doesn’t keep insider knowledge private as most would expect him to. In other words he’s the worlds worst employee and a journalists favourite friend.

In his latest interview Michael has told Edge magazine that he doesn’t feel Nintendo is going to get lucky again with the Wii-U and that the console just isn’t going to work.

In fact the only reason the Wii sold so well is simply down to luck and the fact that it became that must have gadget for everyone even though most people didn’t actually end up playing on it for very long.

In that regard I can’t disagree with him as everyone I know has a Nintendo Wii that they bought at some stage over the last 3 years but very few of them actually used it for more than a month which is a pity as it has some fantastic titles on it.

He also then went on to state that the only reason the Wii-U is receiving a gamepad is so that Call of Duty will be ported to it and that Activision had refused to developer a CoD title unless a viable controller was released with the hardware.

Now I’m not sure how much I believe that as the Wii has received a Call of Duty title every year and while it’s never been a competitor to the Xbox or PS versions it has always sold relatively well so I can’t see why Activision would stop that cash cow now?

Personally  I’ve been very negative about the Wii-U all the way up until I tried it out a little while back and even though that was a carefully controlled environment I still did feel that the console had something special to offer us. If it’s supported.

Last Updated: July 17, 2012

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