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Pachter predicting a dominent month for Xbox 360

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The king of predictions is back in the news and this time he’s predicting a pretty massive downfall for the Nintendo Wii in America.

Michael Pachter has been checking the statistics and has made some sales predictions for this past month. These sort of predictions are pretty solid and it would be very surprising if the general pattern of what he is saying isn’t correct so let’s see what he said.

For September he has got Microsoft in the lead with sales of 360 000 for the Xbox 360 while Sony is quite far behind in second with sales of 260 000 but most surprisingly is the Nintendo Wii coming in far behind with sales of only 190 000.

If his predictions are correct then Microsoft would have outsold all competitors in the US for the last 15 out of 16 months and is now clearly the dominant console in the States.

Nintendo however will be starting to panic with the reception of their planned Wii-U muted at best and with their current console losing ground at a blistering pace. They’ll need to make a move very soon if they want to stay in contention in the public eye.

As for Sony, they’ll be content with the second place in the States as they are ahead of the Xbox 360 in virtually all other markets and are competing in total sales with some reports having them ahead while others having the Xbox 360 still slightly in the lead.

Last Updated: October 11, 2011

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