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Pain coming to the PS3

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Relax this isn’t another bad story about Sony or the PS3 🙂

It’s actually a very interesting mini game that is coming to the PSN, you get to load people into a giant catapult and then shoot them into whatever causes the most pain.

Be that moving cars, windows or propane tanks… You also score extra points for crotch shots…. Sounds like a great party game to me.

Another nice feature is that you are going to be able to upload your videos of destruction straight to YouTube from your PS3 to share with your mates. I presume you will also be able to get them onto your TV sets in your @Home apartments as well..

All these mini games combined might be enough to be a console seller after all.

Link to PlayStation 3 becomes a source of Pain – Joystiq

Last Updated: May 17, 2007

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