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Pain Fortress – I have to have it

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Pain was released on the PSN quite a while back and while it was entertaining enough for short periods of time it really didn’t have the longevity that would make it stand out for any good reason.

However that is all about to change, Pain is being upgraded and in the new version entitled Pain Fortress you are going to get to play multiplayer and cause ridiculous amounts of destruction… with monkeys… can it get any better than this?

From what I can understand so far you are going to go head to head with 3 other people and the idea seems to be that you need to fling your ammo (monkey, santa etc) over a vast chasm at your opponents fortress. You can pick up weapons along the way and these will then help you in destroying their castles… or fortresses.

For me this looks like the perfect game to start a night of online fun with and will also be a great gateway game for our better halves… 

That’s the good news… the bad news is that we may have to wait until the end of November before it gets released… seriously it doesn’t look complex enough to take that amount of time. Hurry it up people, I need to commit grevious bodily harm.

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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