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Patch 2.2.0 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is legend… wait for it… dary!

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It’s difficult to forget Error 37 – the horrible error message that destroyed the dreams of many Diablo III players back when the game first launched. Since then, Blizzard have gone a long way in making up with their player base thanks to the fantastic, game-fixing, and all around good Reaper of Souls. The expansion has seen regular content updates which has kept many people clicking, long after release. Patch 2.2.0 is no different. It will keep Diablo III fans glued to the game for even longer, and it arrives just in time for the start of Season 3.

The patch is live on both PC and Console. Click on whatever platform you use to see a detailed breakdown of what you’ll be getting. Here are some of the highlights, as pointed out by Blizzard themselves:

These changes of course, coincide perfectly with the start of Season 3 which for us in South Africa, kicks off this Friday evening. Over on Reddit, there is a neat thread which summarises everything you’d need to know about it.

I’m excited for Season 3, and I’m happy with the new additions and changes brought by patch 2.2.0. I thought I was done with Diablo a while back, until a fuzzy friend of mine pulled me back in. That old bug has bitten me – I simply must kill ALL the things, keep my eyes peeled for that odd juicy drop, and fill that experience bar at the bottom… over and over again!

I will definitely be visiting Sanctuary more frequently. What about you? Are you still enjoying Blizzard’s mad clickathon, or have you left your demon slaying days behind?

Last Updated: April 8, 2015

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