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Patch 2.3.0 for Diablo III is now live!

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Clicking! Action! Glory! Loot! More Clicking! These and more are waiting to be found in Blizzard’s Diablo III, which is now over 9000 times better than it was at launch three years ago. Remember Error 37? It can get into the sea! Seriously though, the action RPG has come a long way since its release, improving with each update. Patch. 2.3.0 is set to make the game even better.

Beyond the expected balancing and such, there’s lots of new content coming to Sanctuary. Here’s a neat video giving a complete overview of everything important:

Unable to watch? Fine! Here’s the three most significant features coming to Diablo III with Patch 2.3.0:

The Ruins of Sescheron

The frozen wasteland that is the Ruins of Sescheron are now open for exploration! Filled with new enemies, traps, and environmental hazards, you’ll be able to explore the region and learn more about what befell the barbarians of Mount Arreat. Explore the Immortal Throne and obtain the ultimate treasure: Kanai’s Cube.

Kanai’s Cube

Kanai’s Cube is a new artisan that offers a slew of new recipes to fully customize your items and catalogue your Legendary powers. Several recipes are available to players immediately upon acquiring Kanai’s Cube. Player’s can use the cube to extract legendary powers, reforge legendary items, upgrade rare items, convert set items, remove level requirements, convert gems, and convert crafting materials.

Season Journey

Each player approaches a new Season a little differently and we wanted to celebrate individual player successes. Beginning in Season 4, you’ll be able to track your personal progress through the Season Journey interface.

A player’s Season Journey is divided into chapters, each with their own descriptive goals and achievements. The further you advance in your Season Journey, the more difficult the milestones become and you’ll find there are challenges for every level of player. Completing the highest level Tiers will unlock new portrait frame rewards to celebrate your accomplishments.


The patch notes are far lengthier than what I’ve mentioned above. Be sure to read them in all their detail right here.

Patch 2.3.0 is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Will you be going back to Sanctuary? I’m pretty sure I will be visiting it soon myself!

Last Updated: August 27, 2015

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