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Patch 3.7 for StarCraft II will contain loads of new features

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Starcraft II Legacy of the Void

Patch 3.6 for StarCraft II came out just recently, and it was packed with content. To recap, the update contained a new co-op mission, an additional commander (Alarak), custom mutators, and even a test map matchmaker.

All of that seemed sufficient enough to keep the RTS fresh for at least a little while (in my eyes anyway), but Blizzard, well, they aren’t done just yet. They’ve now showcased patch 3.7 in a new highlight video, and it too, is packed to the brim with cool stuff.

Patch 3.7 is bringing separate MMR per race to the RTS. Apparently it’s something players have wanted for a long time…

If you’ve ever wanted to play on the 1v1 StarCraft II ladder as a different race than you normally would without impacting the ranking of your “main” race, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that. Patch 3.7 brings a highly anticipated feature for StarCraft II multiplayer: separate rankings for each race you play on the ladder!

When we initially set out in developing StarCraft II, we expected a majority of players would want to focus on playing as only one race. However, thanks to the feedback of our players and community leaders, it became clear that many people want to experience the ladder as other races without affecting the rank and MMR of their “main” race. Patch 3.7 will make it possible to do exactly that for all of your ranked 1v1 matches, and we’re extremely excited to get the feature into your hand

When I did play StarCraft II religiously back in the day, I basically only used the random race option. I didn’t care much for my rank either to be honest. As a result, separate MMR per race means little to me, but I do get that it’s a big deal for others. The feature is especially cool for those who would like to branch out a little more and dabble with the other factions, minus the risk of dropping their primary rank.

On top of separate MMR per race, patch 3.7 is also bringing a neat UI clean-up for cosmetics, new ways to use them, and more. Fancy having Alarak tell you to build more overlords, or Kerrigan remind you that you need additional pylons? That’ll be a reality in the near future, because they, along with other memorable faces (Abathur, Artanis, Raynor, and Swann), are all getting their own announcer packs.

But wait, there’s more – Nova is being released as a co-op commander too! Details on her abilities and such remain unknown, but I’m sure we’ll hear more from Blizzard regarding the ghost fairly soon.

Hell, what we really need from them now is an official release date for patch 3.7. It’s looking mighty fine!

Last Updated: October 4, 2016


  1. StarCraft II lost me as a fan with the always online in the start (not sure if it’s still there) and the other campaign expansions taking years to come. They really tried to milk it as best they could, but now I’m over it. With Blizzard not having their stuff on Steam I forget they exist anyway.


    • Admiral Chief

      October 4, 2016 at 14:22

      Sadly, I agree


  2. MalikaiZA

    October 4, 2016 at 16:17

    The announcer packs sound cool. Looking forward to the patch


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