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Path of Exile hits open beta today

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Here’s a game for all those nostalgic gamers who clung to Diablo I and II’s precious memories, only to feel let down by Diablo III. It’s called Path of Exile and it’s looking pretty damn good.

The game goes into open beta today and being developed by New Zealand indie devs Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile presents some awesome features, including competitive play. 

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What’s great about this game is that it’s designed around PvP and ladder races. It will be free to play and not pay to win. Here’s a look at the most prominent features:

Skill Gem System 

In Path of Exile Skills are items. Gems socketed into equipment grant abilities. There is a wide variety of support gems that can modify your abilities too. For example, players can augment their Fireball ability to split into multiple flaming projectiles.

Passive Skill Tree

Classes are very customizable, players can start at one of the six locations dictated by the class they’ve chosen and can focus on the core specialities or experiment with other specialities to build combinations across various disciplines.

Leagues and Events

I really love that this game has PvP right off the bat. Check out the description posted by the developers:

One of the things that are most fun about playing a competitive online Action RPG is taking part in a levelling race on a fresh server. In Path of Exile, we wanted to capture this feeling without constantly resetting our main economy, so we’ve created a set of race leagues that are run frequently as separate game worlds with their ownladders and economies.

In addition to regular races, leagues can substantially modify the game rules. In a Cut-Throat league, you’re able to invade other players’ instances and kill them to take their items. In Turbo leagues, monsters move and attack 60% faster than normal.

Varying in duration from one hour to several months, players can enter these leagues to show off their mastery of the game and compete to win valuable prizes.

If you’re interested in checking out this game, you can sign up for the open beta on the official website.

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Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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