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PC Gaming’s dying? Not on your life

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A new report by the (troubled) PC Gaming alliance shows that not only is Pc gaming doing well – it’s actually growing at a higher rate than console gaming.

The PCGA says that the overall size of the 2011 PC gaming market stands at a staggering $18.6 billion, an increase of 15 percent over the previous year’s figure – and that PC’s with capable GPU’s are outselling consoles at a ratio of about 7:1.


Ahh, but there’s a catch! The percentages include free-to-play and subscription-based games, along with micro-transaction, browser-based games from companies like Zynga, who managed to nearly double their income to a head-scratching $1.1 billion last year. and with just about every new Pc being sold these days having some sort of on-board or on-chip GPU, of course sales are going to be substantially higher than consoles. Still, money’s money.

"While reports of Gaming sales at Retail show signs of struggle, the impact hasn’t been as great for PC Gaming which had an earlier adoption of newer formats, business-models & delivery with: Digital Distribution, Free to Play, and Subscriptions fueling PC Gaming’s strong global growth," said PC Gaming Alliance president and Intel analyst Matt Ployhar in the press release. “Valve’s market leading Steam digital distribution service now reports over 40 million  users, and traditional retailers are following suit by investing in this space more heavily such as GameStop’s acquisition of the Impulse digital distribution service," he said.

The figures might be fudged, but that’s no excuse for PC elitists to tell console-playing scum how much better PC gaming is though, right?

Last Updated: March 8, 2012

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