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PES 2008 Review for the PS3

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Pro Evolution Soccer has been a PlayStation mainstay for many years now and is developed by the same company that develops the incredibly popular Metal Gear Solid franchise. Which is why what I am about to report on must be very  worrying for the PS3 fans.

According to Pro-g.co.uk (a popular non biased UK website) the PS3 version of PES 2008 sucks. It’s absolutely terrible.

Put simply, the game suffers from horrible slowdown and drops in frame rate that happen too frequently to ignore.

Whenever the ball gets more than a few feet above head height, you’ll notice the frame rate drop to worrying levels.

But the annoying thing is that when the game inexplicably and implausibly slows down, it puts you off your timing.

However what I found the most disturbing was

While we did manage to improve matters a little bit by turning off the stadium effects, knocking off the commentary and playing without weather effects in a different stadium, we can’t be expected to game under these conditions just to get a playable match

The thought of having to turn off effects is a horrible flashback to my bad PC gaming days. The main benefit of consoles is that you never need to fiddle with them to get the best game-play.

And before anyone has any bright ideas

It’s simply not on. And yes, the game was installed on the PS3 hard drive, before you say anything. Suffice it to say, whatever way you play PES 2008 you’ll instantly notice its glaring technical performance flaws

They do go on to say that apart from that the game is better than PES 6. Apart from that? How can there be anything apart from the game being virtually unplayable.

So how is the multi-player? Well the servers haven’t been turned on yet so they don’t know.

There were a lot of complaints about how bad FIFA played on the PS3 and I know a lot of people have been looking forward to this, but by all accounts this game is an insult to PS3 gamers and if you are lucky enough to have a PS3 and 360 then get this game on the 360. None of the above problems have been reported on that console.

So how do you feel about Metal Gear Solid 4 now?

[Update] There are now competing reports about how bad the Xbox 360 version  is. Apparently the grass looks ‘funny’ when looking over varying differences. Seems a bit of a non complaint really? Especially when compared to the PS3 problems

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review for PS3 – Pro-G

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Last Updated: October 24, 2007

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