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Pick of Destiny

Destiny has my interest at the moment. Not because of all that social networking fluff, but more for the artistic vision that Bungie has placed a large emphasis on. From the little that we’ve seen so far, the game looks damn pretty, like a bastard love-child between Lord of the Rings and Halo.

Here’s some more concept art, as well as a trailer that shows how a character goes from digital pen to three-dimensional killing machines, via Kotaku. Most of the artwork below is new, and also showcases a few of the worlds that Bungie is working on for their MMO shooter.

There’s no solid release date yet for Bungie’s 10 year project, but seeing as how it happens to be an Activision published game, I’d put easy money on it arriving sometime early next year. After the latest Call of Duty that is.

Last Updated: April 2, 2013

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