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Pimp out your DualShock 4 controller

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When the PlayStation 4’s controller was first shown we were all intrigued by the bright shiny light that made it look space age. However after actually using one for a while you start to get a little annoyed by the bright light and so a new design fad has been born.

The light shouldn’t be totally blocked out if you are ever going to use the PlayStation Camera since it needs that light to focus but that doesn’t mean you can’t customise your controller and make it truly unique.

Take a look at some of the current options and let us know if you’ve seen any which are better, or better yet let us know which ones you want to see. You should be able to click nearly all of them to make them bigger









And then I used my excellent Paint.net skills to design three of my own, what do you think?




So once you stop laughing at my lack of design skills why don’t you grab the base image from here and post some of your designs in the comments below.

I really like the idea of the clan name ones, especially for tournaments and some custom branded ones will hopefully be made by the gaming publishers moving forward.

Last Updated: February 18, 2014

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