Pirate Game Cover Design – Epic Win

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While we at Lazygamer.co.za do not condone piracy in any way, shape or form, we definitely have a good reason to love their designers today, and this image shows why.

According to what you see in this image, you can now go to a dodgy store and pick up a copy of “GTA: San Andreas Tarazan” for PS2. Yes, Tarazan.

I’m actually really interested to know what game is actually in that cover. Knowing how these sketchy pirate games work, it’s probably 4 different versions of Super Mario for the NES.

So then, who is interested in a GTA/Tarzan, sorry, I mean Tarazan crossover? I think it would be great, kind of like playing Crackdown with less clothing.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: April 30, 2009

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