Plants vs Zombies coming to XBLA on September the 8th

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Plants vs Zombies

Don’t you hate it when the headline pretty much gives away the entire story and I have to sit here rambling for about 100 words to justify my salary?

Well this is another one of those stories, Plants vs Zombies has been confirmed to be landing on the UK XBLA marketplace on the 8th of September which means that we will be able to download it and start attacking zombies that very same day.

Oh and did I mention it will have multiplayer?

According to a press release from PopCap the XBLA version of Plans vs Zombies will have 2 multiplayer modes, namely versus and co-op.

How exactly those modes are going to pan out is still a mystery but if you haven’t played Plants vs Zombies yet then you are definitely going to want to download the demo and give it a go.

At 1200 points I find it a little expensive but I am going to struggle not buying it again. It’s just one of those awesome little games that you can keep on going back to whenever you get a free moment.

Last Updated: August 4, 2010

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