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Battlefield 4 had a rather tumultuous launch, causing EA’s stock to take a tumble and even get investigated by shareholder to see if they knew the game was going to be such a problem. Fans of the franchise say the game is excellent, and now you can find out for yourself, risk free.

EA has brought back Origin Game Time. You can add Battlefield 4 to your Origin library anytime from now until 14 August. Once you have it, it’s up to you when you decide to download and launch the game. Upon first launch, you have 168 hours to play – that time runs when playing and when at work, play and sleep. Don’t worry about download times, though – your game time clock will only start ticking down once you’ve launched the game for the first time.

Game Time offers the entire Battlefield 4 experience. Complete the single-player campaign, or be like most people and just jump straight into multiplayer to join your 63 friends. Progress and Origin Achievements are saved, so if you end up buying the game after all your free gameplay time, you can pick up where you left off.

Head on over here and redeem your free game time.

Now this offer I like. This is a nice length for a demo – let players see that the game is no longer broken on PC and decide if they actually want to play it and enjoy all the levolution pew pew action. Good job EA – this is how you can appear like good guy EA.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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