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This weekend my kids were away, so I took the opportunity to introduce the mrs to the first Borderlands (mostly so that I can drag her in to Pandora as my unwilling co-op partner for Borderlands 2) – and I may have created a monster. Guns!It’s all she talks about now; how she wants a a gun that shoots people’s faces off then explodes in to a fiery baysplosion of doom. It’s either that, or how she can re-spec her modest level 20 hunter to maximise his efficacy to suit her playstyle. If she had access to a skill tree, so she could plot out her character without having to spend all that in-game money all the time.

Luckily, Gearbox has already made virtual skill tree for Borderlands 2, allowing you to build your character (in your MIND!) before the game is out later this month.

Here’re the links to the skill trees for each of the initially available classes:


I’ll be playing as the ninja-assassin Zer0 for my first playthrough, and I’m really having a tough time deciding between the sniper, cunning and bloodshed trees. I’m actually inclined to dabble with Bloodshed first – purely because Randy Pitchford didn’t want it in the game initially.

“The entire Bloodshed skill tree for the assassin is thanks to them ignoring what my experience would have informed would have been a risk,” he told PlayerAttack “and ploughing away anyway and forcing it through and making some really great gameplay as a result.”

It’s in anyway – because the team has the freedom to challenge Pitchford’s Iron fist.

“These guys are able to say, ‘I hear your point, and I understand what you’re bringing to the table Randy, but I really think I can pull this off. I want to try it because I’ve thought this through myself, and I’m looking at it a little more closely than you are, and I’m looking at some details that you’re not seeing,’” he said.

“There were cases where (creative director Paul Hellquist) just put his heart and soul into things that only worked because he cared so much. There were other risks he wanted to take that I didn’t think were going to work. He proved me wrong – they not only worked, but worked brilliantly.”

Borderlands 2 will be out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 21. Who will you be playing as?

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Last Updated: September 10, 2012

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