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Player Salaries, Player Signings, Overwatch League starting date, and more

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Blizzard is maintaining an open line of communication regarding their Overwatch League, and after the first seven teams were announced, their latest announcement involves information regarding player signings, player salaries and the actual starting date of the Overwatch League.

Teams are now filling their rosters with players, and with that Blizzard has outlined a few guidelines for signing on players and what they need to earn. We also have an official start date of the Overwatch League with Season 1 signings beginning on August 1st and running until October 30th (right before BlizzCon). The next step is getting players to sign official contracts, even those who are already in these established teams. There’s also a set of requirements that players need to earn a minimum of $50,000 per year, according to Blizzard. The first official season will begin on November 3rd, at BlizzCon.

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To offer a better understanding of what players can expect from a career in the Overwatch League, here are a few key benefits included in the Overwatch League Player Agreement:

  • Teams will sign players to one-year guaranteed contracts with the option to extend the contract for an additional year.
  • The minimum salary for players is USD $50,000 per year.
  • Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan.
  • Teams will distribute at least 50% of their team performance bonuses (i.e. money from winning playoffs and other League events) to their players directly.

The total bonuses available for Overwatch League teams in Season 1 will amount to USD $3.5 million, with a minimum USD $1 million awarded to the Season 1 champion.

This signing window is open to ensure players are set in their teams, and the teams and contracts are in-line with Blizzard’s rules. Blizzard has also outlined roster requirements and team management, which had been questioned for quite some time leading up to the announcement:

  • Each team roster must have at least six players and no more than 12 total.
  • There is no region locking in terms of the place of birth or home country of any player.
  • Teams will provide player housing and practice facilities during the season which will meet professional standards set by the Overwatch League.

Originally set for 2018, the Overwatch League will kick off this year at BlizzCon (as mentioned above) and will be our first taste of what the Overwatch League has to offer. With only seven teams signed on at the moment, there will be undoubtedly more arising in the near future as signings get underway. The most promising aspect of this announcement is the “no region locking” rule which will allow players from all over the world to compete where they are fit, in-line with Blizzard’s scouting report which was sent out to hopeful teams who wish to be a part of the Overwatch League.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2017

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