We’re playing Extinction right now, so come and watch!

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Extinction (2)

Extinction, a video game where I get to imagine that I’m still my regular height around the multiple giants who regularly tease me, but at least I have a license to amputate them when they try and squish me. A very very short man can only dream. With that being said, Iron Galaxy’s giant-slayer hits shelves on April 10, promising players a sandbox in which to whip themselves around tall buildings and towering ogres that all have a bone to pick with you.

Is it any good? Well I can’t say just yet, but what I can do is at least show you the game on a streaming service for a while. Live vicariously through my stream when it kicks off at 3PM and decide for yourself!

Watch live video from Darranged on www.twitch.tv

Last Updated: April 9, 2018

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