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Playstation 3 Commits Suicide – Using Online Noose

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Yes, I know that the title may be a little harsh but it’s not that far from the truth.

What Sony has just recently brought in to PSN is a new fee that charges publishers according to how much their content is downloaded.

What happens is that they are now charged 16 US Cents per gigabyte of their content that is downloaded. It’s all great to offer a free online service like PSN, and I am glad that they are trying to do it, but the fact that running an online service isn’t cheap has finally caught up to Sony it seems.

You see, 16 cents may not sound like much, but it actually all adds up to quite a lot if your content is very popular. For example, if you release a 500MB demo and it gets downloaded seven million times on PSN, your company will have to fork out R3,311,000 to Sony. This becomes a big problem, and for a few reasons. Why release a great big impressive 1080p demo if it means that you are going to be charged heavily for it? Publishers are left with the options to either cut down their demo’s greatly, pay the fee’s that Sony have now put in place, or just, and most importantly, only release the demo’s on Xbox Live for free.

This is a huge problem and I am struggling to see how Sony thinks that this is going to be a good idea. Is it really that bad for Sony to charge a small fee for gamers to subscribe to every year?

We at lazygamer.co.za could promise all our readers a free game every month, and it will give us a huge edge over our competition, but it doesn’t make any business sense and will ultimately lead to us disappointing our readers or going out of business.

Sony need to change their strategy. In my opinion the PS3 is beginning to shine brighter than ever and 2009 looks like it could belong to it, if only even for the exclusives. The truth is that we will have to see how publishers are going to react to the fee, because if it all goes pear-shaped, PS3 users may have to start getting used to losing out on many demo’s and living with gimped content.

If you own a PS3 and you are connected to PSN, tell us what you think.

Source: Examiner

Last Updated: March 23, 2009

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