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PlayStation 3 Firmware Cracked…But It Isn't Worth It

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If you haven’t heard by now the PS3’s firmware has been cracked. A site calling itself PSX Extreme has a write up on why it’s not worth cracking the PS3’s firmware though.

Main points would be

1. A recordable Blu-Ray disc is $40
2. A 20Gb is to big
3. If Sony catch you they will ban your console from it’s ‘online’ service.

Valid points but I don’t see your typical pirate stopping just because of that. It won’t be long before you can play your illegal games straight from a 350 Gb HDD and you will start seeing specials floating around where you can get yourself a new HDD and 10 free games.

Hopefully the PS3 Home service will be worth it to stop some of these thieving idiots but I doubt it… Some people seem to think it makes them intelligent being able to cheat and steal. Weird world we live in.

Link to PS3 News: PlayStation 3 Firmware Cracked…But It Isn’t Worth It

Last Updated: June 11, 2007

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