According to the paragon of online journalism, the Daily Mail, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the single most influential bit of technology you’ll encounter this year.

They compiled a list of a the top 100 tech inventions over the last decade, and Sony’s latest home console came out on top for this year’s best gadgetry.

The list, they say, was compiled from the result of just 3,900 members of the public with a penchant for gadgets. It’s not the only home console to make the list, either. Mattel Electronic Football was the best invention from 1977, while Nintendo’s Gameboy was the very best in technology from 1990. Nintendo struck gold again the next year, with the Super NES as well. Sony’s original PlayStation was the greatest gadget all the way back in 1995, with its follow-up taking the same pretend accolade in 2002.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the best in 2005 while the PlayStation 3, released a year later, was beaten out by…SanDisk Micro SD? Ok then.

Other notable inventions to crack a nod are the first pop-up toaster, made in 1919, without which I’d never have anything to eat; the Casio digital watch, which allows Darryn to tell the time (those confusing hands!); 1955’s invention of the breathalyser (which has kept Gavin out of jail); 1947’s Kenwood food mixer which [insert something blatantly sexist about Zoe and being in a kitchen here] and 1985’s Leatherman, which Victor is busy trying to use to cut the chains currently keeping him shackled to his desk. 

What’s your favourite tech invention of the last decade?

Last Updated: October 10, 2013

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