PlayStation 4 local price increase confirmed

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Maybe get a second job?

So yesterday I posted an article discussing the possibility of higher gaming prices to come thanks to our currency dropping and low and behold one day later this has come to fruition.

During the comments yesterday it was pointed out that local retailer TakeALot is now listing a PlayStation 4 for R6799 and what’s more disappointing is that the console is only expected to be in stock on the 2nd of April so that’s quite some wait.

It’s not so bad at AnimeWorx who have confirmed that a price income has been implemented but they will be selling their next stock at R6599. However he did add a caveat to that saying he expected the price to increase once again with the next batch that arrives.

We reached out to the local distributor and received the following confirmation

“As a result of the  continued weakening of the Rand against major currencies we have had no alternative but to increase the price of the recently launched PS4 console. We have made every effort to minimise the impact of the Rand devaluation and will continue in our efforts to make the PS4 and other formats as affordable as possible”

So if you already have a PlayStation 4 then go give it a hug and be thankful that it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to get one cheaper for the foreseeable future. Also I think it’s about time we all head to our bosses and demand an inflation busting increase so we can keep gaming.

Oh and when I say all of us I mean all of us who don’t work for Lazygamer obviously, we’re broke. Now excuse me while I go relax on my Mediterranean yacht paid for with the Activision marketing money we keep being told we are paid.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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