PlayStation 4: Trailers, demos and engines

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There are way, way too many trailers, demos and next-gen engines from Sony’s PlayStation 4 event – so we though instead of littering the front page we’ll stick them all in one easy to follow post.


Sony, surprisingly, kicked off its PS4 games showcase with something that wasn;t hyper-realistic – but instead a cutsey 3D platformer that seems to have a ton of charm, and reminds me oddly enough of Xbox 360 launch title Kameo – just far, far better.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

We’ve already shown this one via a full post – so there’s not much more that needs to be said. It looks pretty, but Killzone’s always been a little too generic for me. Hopefully this one changes that.

inFamous: Second Son

I’ve only recently finished inFamous 2 (thanks to PlayStation Plus) and I have to admit that I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. It may have been a tad repetitive, but the stellar voice acting from just about every main character sucked me right in. Here’s the trailer for the next game in the series, which seems to lack Cole and tackle an Orwellian future. the new protagonist reminds me a little of DmC’s emo Dante. 

The  Witness

Braid developer Jonathan Blow showed off his poncy new game, The Witness – which seems odd, colourful, and reminiscent of Myst.


There’s little information about this racer from Evolution studios, other than that it’s a socially-connected and looks pretty incredible.

Deep Down

Capcom showed off its new IP and new Panta Rhei Engine with Deep down, a game that looks like a next generation blend of Dark Souls and Dragon’s Dogma.


We’ve said as much about Destiny as we can – but it’ll also be coming to the PlayStation 4.

Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games is ecstatic about the new PlayStation 4 – mostly because it runs their new engine.

“We are thrilled to build onto our long-established success with PlayStation,” Says epic’s Tim Sweeny.  “Unreal Engine 4 is expertly designed for the next generation of game development and the outstanding power of PlayStation 4. Today’s demonstration offers a preview of what developers can accomplish using our tools to create games for PlayStation 4.”

Quantic Dreams’ “Old Man”

As I predicted, David Cage would harp on about how the PlayStation 4 would enable games to have more emotion. Here’s that happening, along with an impressive, but  creepy as all hell tech demo.

Last Updated: February 21, 2013

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