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Playstation Kick Off Their Conference With Style

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PS Conference

Playstation are the last conference for the day, and the pressure is on. Before E3, Playstation 4 did seem to be the favoured console in the upcoming console war. Can they maintain their position and wow the crowds?

The conference begins with a flashy montage of games, accompanied by some catchy and epic music. This is set to be an amazing showing!

We are told a bit more about what the Vita will give us this year. More than 85 titles are set to be released including Batman Origins, Killzone Mercenary, and Tearaway. With regards to some old school ports Final Fantasy X, X-2 and Dead Nation are coming to the Vita. The highly anticipated sequel to Tell Tales The Walking Dead is coming to the Vita too, including the first season! This is fantastic, as that game would be perfect for such a system.

The gaming lineup for Playstation 3 itself looks strong too. First up is the incredible looking The Last of Us, looking as enticing as ever. Puppeteer follows, and it strongly reminds me of LittleBigPlanet.

Another highly anticipated game, Beyond Two Souls makes an appearance, featuring the likes of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The game is finally shown in a little more detail, and we see the Protagonist Jody involved in some kind of training, followed by a mission briefing. This game is set to blow people away!

It was believed that the new Gran Turismo would make a showing, and it does in the form of Gran Turismo 6. The cars reflect light from millions of non existent light sources, and look as beautiful and shiny as ever.

Next up is Batman Arkham Origins, showcasing some of the new experiences to be had and characters that will be encountered. I’m happy to report that The Joker is their in all his mischievous and evil goodness. Playstation also have some exclusive DLC that will not be available elsewhere. BATMAN!

That certainly isn’t too shabby for a console entering its 7th year of existence! Stay tuned as Playstation unveil more gaming goodness.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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