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PlayStation Move Coming in July?

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A new brochure from local gaming outlet BT Games has outed a possible July release date for Sony’s motion controller, dubbed Move. Details on its release have thus far been one thing Sony’s managed to keep secret – and are expected to be divulged at E3 – but BT Games may have inadvertently let that cat out of the bag.

The advert has no pricing details, only mentioning that Move is scheduled for July. Regular readers would know that this wouldn’t be the first time the retailer has pre-empted big announcements. In August last year, they confirmed the existence of the 250GB “Super Elite,” months before it was available on retail shelves.

Do you think they’re once again privy to inside information, or are they getting ahead of themselves?

You can see the whole brochure online, here.

[Thanks to uberutang for the tip]

Last Updated: May 21, 2010

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