PlayStation owners too busy fapping to play games?

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Stats! Who doesn’t love them? As much as I hate maths and numbers, I quite enjoy looking at pie charts and percentages. PornHUB, a site for porn (so I’m told), has put together some statistics detailing what gaming consoles their viewers use to get their sexy fix. Which console came on top?

There are loads of stats detailing things such as OS of choice, phone of choice, and many more. They can be read right over here on the blog – which is potentially NSFW if you don’t want people seeing the PornHUB logo slapped on just about everything as well as some other naughty words here and there. Click at your own risk. Other than that, here are the key console stats (Destructoid via NeoGAF):


I would expect PlayZtation to be up there, as well as the Xbox. Looks like the 3DS really is the console for the young and innocent though, sitting on a measly 1.4%. Still, I feel compelled to leave the Mario Starbomb video here which shows the naughty side to the plumber. Also, this particular GIF file in the NeoGAF thread made me laugh (thanks Nibel).

Check out the breakdown by PornHUB:

Millions of visitors come to Pornhub from their game consoles every month. Playstation reigns champ with nearly 46% of Pornhub’s console traffic. Xbox comes a close second at 41% of gaming visitors. The Nintendo Wii is responsible for 6.4% of users going “Wiiiiii”, followed by handheld devices like the Playstation Vita (4.5%) and Nintendo 3DS (1.4%)

That “Wiiiiii” part made me chuckle. Next up we have a further breakdown, detailing how many pages are visited on average, and how long the visit lasts, if you know what I mean…

hwse6k2 (1)

While Playstation users may make up the highest percentage of viewers, they don’t seem to er… last as long. Xbox on the other hand, seems to be in for the long run.

When it comes to average time on site, Xbox users stick around the longest at 11 mins 34 sec. Nintendo Wii users take a full minute less, followed by Playstation. Trailing the list are Playstation Vita users who manage to get through their 10 pages in only 8 minutes

You can’t fight with maths, it is absolute! I usually conclude my articles by opening the floor to feedback, but I don’t know if this particular article is appropriate for that. Please don’t tell me your console of choice when it comes to your flesh viewing habits, rather tell me if any of these results shocked or interested you.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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