PlayStation update now live with PSN issues

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Not this firmware

Without any fanfare this time, Sony has rolled a firmware update for PS4. It offers such amazing features as… increased stability. Unfortunately, that stability may not extend to the PlayStation Network as users are already reporting issues.

I’m currently downloading firmware version 2.04, but I may be one of the lucky ones. According to the always active Reddit community, a bunch of users are getting error codes such as SU-30709-9 and CE-32937-4. While the latter is a standard “data download failed” code, the SU code is far less common. In fact, even the developer wiki doesn’t know what it’s about. While there are no official notes, warning or other descriptors for the update, PlayStation has put out this tweet:

Could it just be the usual issue of too many people trying to download the files at once? Even if you aren’t like me and turning on your PS4 specifically to download it, many people keep their consoles on standby to grab these updates as they are released. Of course, I don’t because I’m afraid of random load shedding. Last thing any of us need is to brick a console because of load shedding mid-update.

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Have you been having the PSN issue? My download is coming down like a dream thanks to PS4 download magic, but I know not everyone will have my PSN luck.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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