Playstations Stop Working – It Becomes The The ApocalyPS3

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[Update: At the time of writing, the good news had not yet arrived. The world is safe once more. Well, maybe not with that guy in the video still on the loose.]

So, as you are all aware, it’s the end of the Playstation 3 gaming world as we know it. Some people are calm, while other gamers have just gone bat-shit crazy.

Zombies are running amok, aliens have landed, Godzilla and King Kong are having an oil wrestling match in New York City and Tokyo simultaneously, Hannah Montana has just been named the first female American president and thumb twiddling has just become a recognised Olympic sport.

A lot of you PS3 gamers out there are angry, but some are angrier than others and if puppies have to die in place of noobs, then so be it.

You really have to see the dude in this video rant, it’s really, and I mean really special. He is really angry that he can’t pwn n00bs and he isn’t going down without a fight… and some cupcakes.

Video after the jump.

[Thanks Dawid for the tip]

Last Updated: March 2, 2010

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