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A Pokémon GO player has reached the level 40 cap

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Team Rocket Pokemon GO level 40

I’m still playing Pokémon GO. Each day, I make a concerted effort to visit a couple of PokeStops, or catch a handful of Pokémon, or both, just to make sure that I’m getting a constant flow of XP. Despite my best efforts, I’ve only just dinged to level 15. Friends of mine who play a lot more than I do have only just reached level 22 or so.

How then, is it possible that someone has managed to hit the game’s level cap? Did they quit their job, and do nothing but visit PokeStops and catch Pokemon all day, every day?

Of course not – they simply cheated. Reddit user ‘_problems’ reached level 40 with the help of a bot (via GameSpot).

Pokemon GO level 40

It’s over. First of all i want you to tell that i was using a Bot. Obviously. I don´t want to tell you how to use a bot and won´t answer anything related to that. I don´t play this game – i just wanted to see how far i can push with the given Tools.

Also, and this is really important for me to let you know: I didn´t fight in Gyms. And i won´t do it. I don’t want to take anyone the fun of this game. I find it disrespectful and disgusting to profiling with that. If you do PVP (no matter which game) play legit or don’t play.

At least ‘_problems’ has been completely transparent about the whole affair. Why wouldn’t he be though? It would take months, possibly even a year or more of dedicated playing to hit that level cap the good old fashioned way. I mean, just take a look at this:

That last Level was even for me and my little bot a pain in the ass. 5 Milion XP – really? A total of 20 Milion XP was needed to hit the current maximum Level. I earned 280k XP per Hour on Average.

20 million XP? 280k XP per hour? Holy crap! On a good day, I’ll get maybe 20k XP or so. Whoever is out to be the first to hit that level cap without cheating has quite a challenge in front of them. It’s going to take forever, and many lucky eggs to get there.

Speaking of lucky eggs, why did ‘_problemz’ get four when he reached level 40? It’s not like he can use them. Are Niantic looking to raise the cap in future? I hope not, at least not for a very, very long time. The grind to reach it is already steep enough as is, thank you very much.

Last Updated: July 28, 2016

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