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Pokemon Sword and Shield fossil guide – How to get Dracovish, Dracozolt, Arctovish and Arctozolt

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Fossil Pokemon (4)

Legendary Pokémon? Check. Dragons? Check! Pokémon that were recreated from their ancient DNA by scientists who didn’t question if they should have done so? That’s a double-tick on my checklist of Pokémon traditions and Jurassic Park references! In Pokémon Sword and Shield, ancient Pokémon from another era once again roam the region thanks to your plundering of the past and unholy science.

This year’s incarnation of the franchise has a grand total of four such Pokémon to collect: Dracovish, Dracozolt, Arctovish and Arctozolt. To get your hands on them, you’ll need to get the right fossils for the job. Which isn’t exactly difficult! An NPC in the Stow-On-Side Pokémon Center will give you your first taste of Fossil Pokemon action when you talk to that character, and from there it’s a short jaunt to the professor on Route 6 outside of the Diglett shrine. If you have the right fossils, she’ll combine them for you and create a new Pokémon. Easy!

You’ll be able to combine the fossils to resurrect the following Pokémon:

Fossil Pokemon (3)
  • Drake Fossil and Fish Fossil – Dracovish
  • Drake Fossil and Dino Fossil – Dracozolt
  • Bird Fossil and Fish Fossil – Arctovish
  • Bird Fossil and Dino Fossil – Arctozolt

Here’s the catch: In Pokémon Sword you’ll only be able to find the Bird Fossil and Dino Fossil, while Pokémon Shield players will only be able to uncover the Drake Fossil and Fish Fossil. To get the other Pokémon, you’ll either need to trade them over or attach one of the fossils to a different Pokémon when you do a link trade.

Fossil Pokemon (1)

So where does a person find all of these fossils? Over in the Wild Area near the Pokémon Nursery outside the Bridge Field Zone, you’ll run into the Digging Brothers. For a mere 500 Watts, you can pay them to dig up stuff for you, with fossils regularly popping up alongside many other useful and valuable items.

Fossil Pokemon (2)

Spend some Watts, grab some fossils and you’ve got the ingredients to make a new Pokémon. Easy!

Last Updated: November 27, 2019

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