Pokemon X and Y is how big?

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It's Dugtrio you perves

Size doesn’t count. Okay, that’s a lie and it’s most likely also why I’ve yet to find true love. In the past, Pokémon games haven’t exactly stretched the storage capacity of their cartridges. Pokemon X and Y though, is going to be a far larger game. So how big is it?

1.7 gigabytes, or 13297 blocks on your 3DS memory card. That’s a massive increase in comparison to previous games in the series. The first Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS, Diamond and Pearl, clocked in at 64 megabytes. The remakes of Gold and Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, had games that were 128 megabytes in size.

And the most recent games, Black/White and Black/White 2 stretched the little card in your handheld to 256 and 512 megabytes, respectively.

Guess all those 3D Pokémon take a toll on the memory banks. Pokémon X and Y is out in October, and yes, I’m pretty damn excited for that game, as you can tell by my Pikachu pyjamas that I’m currently wearing.

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Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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