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Pokémon iOS app will Poké holes through your wallet

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The Nintendo-owned Pokémon Company has finally deemed English speakers worthy of some iOS Pokermans love – but if you’re expecting to play something akin to the RPG light, monster battling games you’ll find on Nintendo’s DS, you’re probably in for a world of disappointment.

Instead, what you’ll get for the $1.99 you’ll shell out is a Pokédex, showing you a list of the critters, allowing you browse through various Pokémon, see their silly stats, find out where they lurk and how to evolve them and more. Seems like that’s not actually a bad deal for two bucks…but wait!

That only gets you the 150 or so pokermans from the Unova region. To get a full Pokédex you’ll have to pay $5.99 for each other region – totalling about $26 for the full thing.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have recently been on a bit of a tirade, removing all the unofficial Pokémon apps from iTunes. that’s entirely within their rights, of course, being the copyright holders – but replacing those with this app that comes across as little more than a cash grab is a bit mean.

Still, if you’re a Pokéfreak and want a functional Pokédex on the go (and don’t own a 3DS, where the bloody thing is $15 for Pokédex pro ) you can get it here. For $26.

I don’t really get the whole Pokémon thing…but Egoraptor’s NSFW take on the thing (below!) makes me giggle.

Last Updated: December 11, 2012

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