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Pokémon Sun and Moon – Where to find most of the Zygarde cells

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It used to be that catching a legendary involved copious amounts of poison Pokémon, three million ultra balls and holding down the B button whenever you threw a Pokéball as you found some form of religion in the process. But in Pokémon Sun and Moon, getting your hands one one particular dragon requires tackling a hell of a quest.

Zygarde and its formes rely on collecting cells and cores in Pokémon Sun and Moon, to help restore it to its full glory. At 10% you’ll have a Zygarde that looks like a seasick Doberman, while 50% Forme Zygarde restores the dragon to its familiar form. But to get the best possible version of Zygarde, you’ll need all 100 of its cells.

Here’s what we’ve found so far, as Complete Fomre Zygarde is so, so close to completion for us. Remember, you’ll need the Zygarde Cube and the Power Construct ability to power up your dragon to over 9000:

Aether Paradise at any time

In the second basement floor area of the lab, all the way to the right of corridor and next to Secret Lab B’s door.

At the entrance area go past the gate, go to the right and then up the stairs to find the core right in the middle of a square space.

At the entrance area go past the bridge, then go to the left side of the building.

At the entrance area go into the first room inside the building, and then look under the lamp on the right.

Akala Island at any time

A core can be found in Olivia’s room.

At the Tide Song Hotel, on the top.

At the Lush Jungle entrance, just past the cave to the East.

Near the Pokémon breeder on route 4.

A core can be found on Route 6.

Just outside the Paniola Ranch.

On Route 7, look near the shore.

On the left side of the Volcano trial.

On Route 5 when entering from the Route 8 side.

On Route 8, outside the Aether building.

In the Diglett Tunnel, go up the stairs and look on the right.

A core can be found on the Akala Island outskirts.

On Hano Beach, at the underwater tower.

On Hano Beach, under the Parasol.

Akala Island during the day

In the Royal Avenue’s Parking lot

Akala Island at night

Outside the Paniola Ranch.

At the Royal Avenue, just to the right of the Pokécenter.

At the Dimensional Research Lab, outside.

Near the Lighthouse point at KoniKoni City.

MeleMele Island at any time

A core can be found in your room.

A core can be found in Hala’s house.

Surf into Kala’e Bay with a Lapras to find this core.

On Route 1, after the first patch of grass

On Route 1, after the bit with the rocks blocking the path.

On Route 3, outside the MeleMele Meadow.

On Route 3, near the berry tree.

Inside the Verdant Cavern.

On Route 2, near the houses.

Outside of the Ruins of Conflict and across the bridge.

MeleMele Island during the day

Right outside the lab of the professor.

At Illima’s house

MeleMele Island at night

At the entrance to the Iki Town trial.

Next to the Alolan Meowth on the first floor of the Trainer School.

In Hau’oli City, next to the second PokeCenter door.

A core can be found inside the Hau’oli Cemetery.

Poni Island at any time

In Seafolk Village under the left table at the Wailord Bar.

At Seafolk Village, in the empty Pokécenter lot.

In the Poni Wilds, on the beach between a Max Repel and two boulders.

Near the well at Hapu’s house.

Ula’ula Island at any time

In the Po Town police department, a core can be found.

In the Malie Garden, to the top left.

Left of the PokéCenter, between the two ambulances.

Near the truck at the Recycling plant.

On Route 10 behind the trainer tips sign.

On Route 12, just past the first rocky path.

On Route 12, next to the Punk double battle.

On the secluded shore.

Go south from the fountain on Route 13.

Outside the Tapu Village PokéCenter.

Next to the Trial entrance on Route 14.

Near the sign on Blush Mountain.

On Route 15, just past the first ramp.

In the left room inside the Aether House.

To the left of the Pokécenter on Route 16.

In the Ula’ula Meadow, right next to the wooden planks on the Pokéfinder spot.

In the Haina Desert, between the stones next to the plant by the exit.

In the Ruins Of Abundance, check the stones near the left corner of the exit.

In the Ula’ula Meadow, check near the exit of the Lake of the Sunne to find a Zygarde core.

On Route 17, near the Team Skull member by the ramps.

At the outer corner of Po City on Route 17.

Near the yellow car in the top right corner of Po Town.

Ula’ula Island at night

Near the policeman on the Secluded Shore.

Left of the martial artist on Route 11.

Near the Mudsdale on Route 13.

Near the Fisherman on Route 14.

A core can be found on the far right of the Malie Community Center.

By the red car, found in the top left corner in Po Town.

Last Updated: November 21, 2016

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