Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s first Global Mission was a massive fail

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If there was an aspect of Pokémon Sun and Moon that really brought its community of trainers and breeders together, it had to be global missions. Nintendo had high expectations for these events, which would task players with anything from capturing a set amount of pocket monsters to straight-up battles where players would have to work together to achieve numbers in the millions.

The first such event for Pokémon Sun and Moon ended in a massive fail last year, as players struggled to catch the required 100 million Pokemon. Trainers only managed to scrape together 16 million pokeballs worth of fresh mon’s, resulting in the biggest fail since my attempt to high-five Kervyn without the use of a ladder.

History has one again repeated itself, because Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon players were tasked with a similar mission: 10 million captures, with a grace period set from November 16-27. They didn’t make it. Players only managed to cross the halfway mark with 5.4 million Pokémon caught according to Serebii:

Here’s what the official Pokémon site had to say about its trainers coming up short:

Unfortunately, the goal for the “Catch a lot of Pokémon!” global mission wasn’t reached. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed their Pokémon tally in an effort to catch 10,000,000 Pokémon worldwide in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. But not all is lost—everyone who added their Pokémon to the count will receive a participation prize of 1,000 Festival Coins (PGL members will get 2,000 Festival Coins)!

Check with the global mission receptionist in Festival Plaza to receive your participation prize.

Good luck next time, Trainers!

Until next time then. Don’t blame me though, as I was busy training my team to tackle the Alolan Elite Four and didn’t exactly have time to fill my pokeboxes with several hundred male Salandit. Expect a review on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, quite soon.

Last Updated: November 29, 2017

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