Legendary Pokémon. They’re the pocket monsters that you lust after throughout each Pokémon game, levelling up your creatures and saving that Master Ball for. And then you forget all about them when the next game arrives. Pokémon X and Y is bringing back a first generation favourite though, with unique traits depending on which game you buy.


Bear with me here, because this might be a tad confusing. Pokémon X will allow you to capture and wield the power of Mega Mewtwo. Pokémon Y, will also allow you to catch and harness the abilities of a different Mega Mewtwo according to SiliconEra.

See, when Mewtwo undergoes a transformation in Pokémon X into his mega form, he evolves into a Psychic/Fighting type. When he does the exact same dance in Pokémon Y, he…gets a penis at the end of his head. I think.

Of course, this is great news to Nintendo, because they know that this move will have players buying two copies of the game. As for those starter Pokémon that I mentioned? Their first evolutionary forms have been revealed, and they go by the names of Quilladin, Braixen, and Frogadier. Check it out in the video below and pictures below:



Last Updated: September 13, 2013

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