You’ve got decisions to make in life. Important ones. Hard choices. But nothing will ever be as crucial as choosing your starter Pokémon. Normally I tell the professor in charge to shut up and hand me a fire-type. But I’ve got different ideas for this iteration of Pokémon.

The starter Pokémon formula hasn’t changed in the latest generation of battling pocket monsters. You’ve got your usual rock-paper-scissors cycle of water, grass and fire type starters. Here’s how they’ll evolve.

According to the Pokémon Reddit, Froakie will evolve into Frogadier and then finally into Greninja.

Chespin evolves into Quilladin and then finally into Chesnaught, which looks pretty damn badass actually.

And then there’s Fennekin, who levels up into Braixen and then does a ballroom blitz transformation to become Delphox.

I can’t believe it, but this is the first time that I’m going for a grass-type starter since I picked Treecko way back in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire. The game is out this Friday. And I’ve got the T-shirt to prove it.

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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