Portal 2 achievements might contain traces of HL2: Episode 3

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Emphasis on “might” but it’s enough to cause a bit of a stir over on Xbox360Achievements.org, where the full list of Portal 2 Achievements is available for your perusal. There are some gems in the list which convey Valve’s tongue-in-cheek approach to the Portal series. Achievement and Trophy Whores should have a blast with this one.

One, however, has attracted the attention of diehard Half-Life 2 fans. Given Valve’s reputation for hiding game related odds and ends in obscure places, there could be something behind the speculation. The Achievement/Trophy in question is entitled “Ship Overboard” and in order to get it you need to “Discover the missing experiment”.

The speculation is that the “missing experiment” is a reference to the Borealis ship from the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Whether the experiement is the ship itself or whatever it is that’s contained in the ship (something that is only hinted at the end of Episode 2) is uncertain. What is certain at the end of Episode 2 is that the Resistance forces need whatever is on the ship, and the Combine don’t want them to get it.

It’s pure speculation for now, but don’t forget how good Valve is at doing this whole “hidden messages to drum up anticipation” thing. What are your thoughts, Lazygamer readers? Me? I’m off to replay Episode 2 because I can’t remember much about the ship or what happened at the end. I just remember Dog ripping a Strider to pieces – that was awesome.

Source: Xbox360Achievements.org [via CVG]

Last Updated: March 1, 2011

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